About Me

WELCOME to Michael Sterling’s little corner of the web – which happens to be all about him (a little conceited? perhaps)- where he shares his thoughts and generally lives on his soapbox.

MICHAEL is a complete and utter nerd from Kansas. He’s currently attending college online and is nowhere near graduating. Boo. And you know what? He set up this website by himself. You should be proud. He’s certainly proud.

Alright, fine… that’s enough about me – in the third-person at least. Time for some first-person beauty.

If you’re interested in what I’ve got to offer, check out my resume! Trust me, it’s all very beautiful and professional. If you’re looking for some reading material from a new voice, go to my blog! If you like what you see, just contact me! I appreciate every bit of attention I receive.

In addition, I’ve decided to make the conscious effort to journal (blog?) or pontificate my life for the world to see. Apparently it’s too difficult for me to keep a handwritten journal but I appreciate the fact that my musings – no matter how pedantic they are at my age – will forever be immortalized on the internet for the entire world to see.

I mean, who wouldn’t be excited by seeing their writings forever preserved in a digital museum like the Internet Archive, cached on Google’s servers for the next few months, or even saved by their ISP for further review? If you’re into that, of course.


Michael Sterling, Class of 2016